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If you are like other investors, fed up with the Stock Market and are looking for an alternative place to invest, we feel that we have that place.  Historically Real Estate has been one of the best and safest places to invest in.  After all, the population keeps on growing, everyone needs a place to live and land is a fixed commodity.  Also with today’s economy, prices are lower, offering more bang for the buck.

If you are looking for an alternative place to invest and diversify, then look no further.  When you make a private loan to K & A Investments LLC, we use the funds to purchase properties similar to the ones shown above and make the necessary repairs to them.  They are then professionally managed and rented to families.  When rented to low income voucher holders (formally know as Section 8), rents are then paid in part of in full by the government program.  We feel that helps to make this a more stable investment.  More importantly, we are able to help families in need and make you money at the same time.

Oh, did I mention that we secured the private loans made to us with a Mortgage on a property like the ones shown above?

We can show you how to get excellent return on your money in today’s economy and help both people and neighborhoods in the process.

You say “but I don’t have any money”.  Did you know that in most cases you can use your IRA?  It’s a great use for it and we can show you how, either by private lending on our Local Markets or by getting involved in a syndication deal in an Emerging Market!


Make a Great return on your Money “Today” through private lending


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